University Selection

Amongst the alluring spread of many international universities, finalizing the one that fulfils all your requirements is not a cakewalk. These global universities attract you with big names, big scholarships and many interesting modules of courses as well as varied structures of fees.

Hence at RIC, we assist you to understand the programs at each university and help you select that one resourceful destination for your schooling. Amongst others, one also needs to consider the country he/she likes to stay into. Hence, we help students in selecting a university according to their ranking, accreditation, courses offered and location. These criteria are aptly matched with the preferences of the students (including funds and finances, academic scores and personal inclination) to make an efficient choice.

While students are flooded with many questions while making their selection; our advisors at the RIC will take you through all the queries including:

• What is the ranking and the accreditation of the selected university?
• What is the tuition fee structure for the selected program?
• Is internship required/available for the selected course of the university. Details regarding the same?
• Are there any campus selection opportunities in the university?
• Information related to employment opportunities on the global map after taking the course from the university?
• Policies/ provisions for international students at the university?
• Information about the campus (culture, structure and the quantity of students studying)

Process for selecting ideal university and course

Research: The more research the student puts into the selection process the better are the chances for getting the right course and right university.

Guidance: Once the entire research work is done at we help students to get acquainted to all the positive and negative aspects of going to any particular university and course.

Course specific institute: For certain specific courses the opportunity for course and university selection is quite limited. In that case as the choice is limited so our counsellor is best to guide you for the institute selection.