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Top 7 Courses to Study Abroad for an Indian Student

Which top 7 courses to study abroad for an Indian student?

If you are deciding to study abroad, you are thinking of your studies and a bright future associated with them.

A good higher education makes your future bright. But this remains only as a statement for most of the Indian students looking forward to studying abroad. And the reason is that most of you only look for the best country or the cheapest country to study abroad. If you are among these aspirants, you are bound to go directionless and might end up being at the wrong place.

If you are looking to study abroad as an Indian Student, you must look for the answer to only one question- ‘Which are the top courses to study abroad for an Indian Student?’

Also, it is an opportunity for you to experience cultural diversity, different ethical standards, and beautiful weather conditions. Read the blog to get help in choosing the right course to study abroad.

Top 7 Courses that you must choose to Study Abroad:

  1. Healthcare and pharmacy

Health care is the one that has the most promising future as it’s unpredictable when the people around you might need your assistance. For example, if the world has to face a pandemic like COVID-19, you will be the one who will be serving humanity and be in charge of the best opportunity to grow your career out of it. You can be a part of healthcare management and nursing.

  1. Business and Management

Opting for a master’s in business administration or management both prove beneficial as you do get into not only the global importance industry, but you can also get into fields that require management professionals to work. You also get knowledge of the market, the customers, managing finances, or the operations. MBA and management are the highest paying courses in the world.

  1. Agricultural Sciences & food technology

As the world’s population is increasing exponentially and people move away from Agricultural jobs, food production becomes a huge challenge. Learning these courses will help the people looking for food that could be cooked easily and quickly to meet the world’s pace. And the importance is being realized, and some countries have recognized that people learning about agriculture and have intimated that there are increasing job opportunities every day. (United States Department of Agriculture says that jobs are increasing by 15% in this field). And slowly students have started opting for this course.

  1. Civil Engineering

Engineers are known as problem solvers in the world. With this high pace growing world, we see structures appearing every day. And Civil engineering or construction is one of the fastest-growing fields of engineering. If you are making a career in this admirable job, you do not only get a chance to create structures that will stand for years, but you will also be a part of the designing and planning.

You can also opt for other Engineering courses like:

  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Electronics and telecommunication engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering and more.
  1. Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology

Learning about life sciences has always been fascinating and is also a high-paying career option. You can expect reasonable remuneration with an attractive hike. With further studies, you can be a staff scientist or a research assistant. Completing this course comes with a promising future.

  1. Digital & Interactive media and communication

With every minute event coming every minute over the digital media platform, it seems the entire world is communicating on a digital field. It is a field where you can show a picture of the world to the public to believe and thus carries a lot of responsibility. It is one of the most creative fields that also develops your understanding of technology, and you can get into any job related to this field from vast opportunities.

  1. Data Science

Every business that runs today flows through a vital pipeline called data insights. From banking & finances to healthcare, entertainment, and several other industries all depend on data. With Data being the most significant resource, you pursuing this course will be an asset for many businesses, and thus you remain in demand. It includes data mining, database management, data analysis, and much more. It is a mixture of Computer Science & developing software, Statistics & Machine Learning, and Domain Knowledge.

In addition to all these, law, Industrial psychology, Human Resources, Hospitality and tourism, financial services, risk management, and the list goes on for the courses that an Indian student can opt for while planning to study abroad.


Now, when you know which courses you can opt for while planning to study abroad as an Indian Student, you must also know which university to join. Selecting the best university plays a vital role in landing you a job. To get more consultation on which course to choose, its importance and from which university, contact us now.

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