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Everything you need to know about PGWP Programs

Eligibility Criteria for Graduates outside Canada

If you’re eligible and have been approved for a study permit, you can apply for a PGWP from outside Canada. You don’t have to have a valid study permit at any point during your online studies from outside Canada.

After receiving your:

  • degree or diploma
  • transcript or
  • official letter from your school

you have 180 days to apply for a PGWP.

You can apply for a PGWP if you

  • For instance, if you were enrolled in a program that was in progress in March 2020 or
  • Or started or will start a program between spring 2020 and summer 2022 and
  • you have a study permit or
  • you’ve been approved for a study permit or
  • you applied for a study permit before starting your study program
  • Your study permit must eventually be approved.

Also, you have completed a study program at a designated learning institution that was at least 8 months in duration and which led to a degree, diploma or certificate.  Maintained full-time status as a student during each semester of your study program. The final semester, which can be part time or an approved leave from study is not included.

Or graduated from one of the following:

  • Any institution which is a public post-secondary institution. For Ex: a college, trade/technical institution, university or CEGEP (in Quebec).
  • Any institution which is a private post-secondary institution (in Quebec) but given that the institution operates under the same rules as any public institutions (in Quebec) operates.
  • Any institution which is a private or public secondary or post-secondary institution (in Quebec) and it offers a qualifying program of a minimum 900 hours or more as a part of diploma of vocational studies (DVS), or an attestation of vocational specialization (AVS); If combined with a DVS an AVS might be less than 900 hours.
  • Any Canadian private institution which is authorized to provide degrees under provincial law (for example, an Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree), but only if you’re engaged in a study programme that leads to a degree as defined by the province, which may or may not cover all of the private institution’s programmes of study.

Only the time you spent studying outside Canada after they received your study permit application counts towards the length of your PGWP.

Exceptions to the eligibility requirements:

You are NOT eligible for a PGWP if you:

  • If you have received only the first stage approval and don’t have the final decision on your application in hand.
  • If you don’t have a port of entry letter of introduction which proves that the candidate has been approved for a study permit.
  • If you have already received a PGWP.
  • If you studied English or French as your second language.
  • If you took general interest or self-improvement courses.
  • If you have participated in the Government of Canada Awards Program funded by Global Affairs Canada.
  • If you have a funding from Global Affairs Canada.
    Note: If you got a Study in Canada scholarship, you’re still eligible for a PGWP.
  • If you have received the Equal Opportunity Scholarship.
  • If you participated in the Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program
  • If you participated in the Organization of American States Fellowship Program
  • If you have completed a major part of your study program through distant learning (online courses, e-learning or correspondence).
    Note: You may still be eligible for a PGWP if you had to study online from outside Canada because of pandemic, COVID-19.
  • If you have completed a study course at a non-Canadian institution located in Canada

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