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Eligibility for undergraduate education in USA

Primarily, one needs to have finished twelve years of primary and secondary education before they enter the post-secondary educational institutes which are either colleges or universities in the USA. 

Undergraduate Education

  • Two to Four year study programs
  • Once a student finishes two years of study under an undergraduate course, they qualify for an Associate’s degree.
  • A student may also study at a Community College for two years which offers an Associate Degree and after that, finish their Bachelor’s course in a 4 year program from a University or a College wherein the first year is referred to as “Freshman,” the second as “Sophomore,” the third as “Junior,” and the fourth as “Senior.” 
  • The field that you choose for your Bachelor’s degree is called as “Major”. For a “Double Majors” or “Minor,” students can additionally enrol in a second field of study.

How Is It Different From A 3-year Degree In India?

There is a perception of the Americans that equal amount of importance should be given to the general education as it prepares the graduates for their education as well as for their work life. The first two years of their major are devoted to the general education and basic classes which are referred as ‘Lower Division’ while in the latter two years of their major which are called ‘Upper Division’. 

The USA does not offer professional degrees at an undergraduate level. The professional degrees are given only after one has finished their Bachelor’s degree. The professional studies there do not require any specific undergraduate course. However, medicine, pharmacy and dentistry do require a set of courses which a student must have taken before the enrolment for any of these courses. 

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