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Designated learning institutions and work permit programs

It should be well known to the candidates who are interested in studying abroad that in order to get the study permit for studying in Canada; one would require a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution. A Designated Learning Institute is one such institute which is approved by the territorial or provincial government to host the international students. Stating the fact, all primary and secondary schools in Canada are designated learning institutions. If you intend to attend a post-secondary school, be sure to check if it is on the list.

If the school you are studying at loses its designated learning institution status

In that case, after you get your study permit, you can:

  • Keep studying your program until your current permit expires,
  • But could only renew your study permit if you enrol yourself at a designated learning institution.

Post Graduation Work Permit

The candidates who are willing to plan their career in Canada must know the fact that the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program is not available to all designated learning institutions. It is a must that along with graduating from an eligible designated learning institution, one needs to meet other criteria to get a PGWP.

In order to find out whether or not the institution that you are planning to study at is a designated institute or not, follow the following steps: 

Since a lot of new scenarios and requisites have come up due to Covid, therefore, it would be a requisite for the candidate that before you travel to Canada, make sure your DLI is one of the institutions which falls under the list of those with approved Covid-19 readiness plans. One won’t be able to enter Canada if your DLI isn’t on this list.

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