AEMS Overseas

A guide to the Admission Procedure

Each person who joins the AEMS team will be accompanied at each step of their admission, by the counsellors and experts. Each of you who join us is hand held through all these six stages by counsellors and experts.


STEP ONE: Program / Institution Selection

We at AEMS make sure that you make informed decisions when it comes to selecting a University. We maintain a huge database of programs, institutions, destinations and specialities of a large number of Institutions.

Over 60 leading Universities and Colleges recognize us as one of their official International Recruiters. Several other reputed institutions receive and evaluate applications of our students, though we do not represent them. In any case, we recognize you as our customer and give priority to your needs and choices.

We encourage you to initiate this process at least one year – preferably 18 months – in advance. This will enable you to identify entrance and language tests and qualifying scores you must target for admission and scholarships

STEP TWO: Admission Application

Apply early. Remember the early bird catches the worm. We extract checklists for each University and also show you samples of ideal applications, which will make the application process simpler and smoother. Include all the required documents in order to avoid delays and confusion.

STEP THREE: Financial Aid/Scholarships

It is important to have sufficient funds for your tuition and living expenses for studying in the USA. At the same time, it is important to remember that between 80 – 95% of students receive partial or full financial support in many reputed Universities and Institutions in the form of Scholarship, Assistantship, Loans, Financial Aid and even Distress-assistance.

Though you can apply for International Student Scholarships after receiving your I20, it is advisable to seek the scholarship while applying for the admission.

Your application for the Scholarship is evaluated on following:

Top Scholarships for Top Talent

  • Sparkling Academics
  • Contents of your SOP, Quality of Essays and Compilation of application packets
  • Aptitude and Entrance Test Scores
  • Your Interview

We will help you select an appropriate scholarship and apply for the same. One of our students has succeeded in earning scholarship as high as US$ 16000/- while most others applying early receive between US$ 5,000/- to 12,000/-

STEP FOUR: Standardized Tests

A test score is an easy and unbiased way to compare different students. Although, good scores alone do not guarantee admission they help in getting scholarships.

As part of the application process, most programs require one or more US standardized Test Scores like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc. We are undoubtedly an ideal Coaching Centre for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT and SAT. Our faculty works as hard as you do to help you get the required scores.


US Student Visa is the last and easiest formality for a genuine student having adequate finances for pursuing a recognized Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree course from an accredited US institution.

The important thing is to give truthful answers and present valid and genuine documents when asked for. Start preparing for the Visa along with your admission application. There are many documents that remain either common or connected and it is extremely important to maintain continuity between the two.

Your future is secured with us as we worry as much as you do. It is our job to guide you every step of the way, make you have a clear vision of your plans after completing studies via day-long training and confidence boosting workshops that we organise. Based on extensive research, AEMS experts work with you to reduce your fears, clear myths that cloud your moves and walk you through the interviews instead of making you mug up your answers.

These experts also help you do extensive research on the US education system, about the University or college applied for and the course among many other important aspects.

STEP SIX: Pre departure briefing/post landing services

Our pre-departure briefing includes details about the weather, economy, people, transport, currency travel arrangements, things you should carry, baggage rules and much more.

We liaise with your destination institute for your airport pickup, accommodation and logistics at the destination as well as your stay arrangements on the day of your landing.


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