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11 reasons why you should Study in Canada

1. Internationally Recognised Degrees

The degree courses from the Universities of Canada are well-recognised globally. This provides the students graduating from these universities with a prosperous and successful career. The education programmes provide a plethora of diverse courses for students to choose from in technical and professional disciplines.

2. World Class Co-operative Programs

The Universities in Canada offer its students with various opportunities to participate in global exchange programs and co-operative work-experience programs or by participating in extracurricular activities and athletics. It will give students an opportunity to combine their academic courses with work related to their courses. 

3. World-Renowned Faculty

The faculties in Canadian Universities are the best from each field of study. Among them are reputable scientists, world-renowned artists, writers, etc. 

4. Cutting-edge Facilities: 

Best of the world sports facilities, libraries, museums, art galleries, theatres and concert halls are located there. The campuses are well equipped with radio stations, newspapers, stores which are mostly run by the students.

5. Ranking of United Nations

The United Nations institution has ranked Canada as one of the best countries in the world to live in. The decision was given based upon the achievements in the field of education, life expectancy, standard of living, national income. The availability of fresh water, low crime rates, comfortable population density and proper health care system. 

6. Work Probability after Graduation

The International students who graduated from the Canadian University can work in Canada for a year after receiving their degree or diploma. They are also allowed to work on the university campus without a work permit. The government is also working to allow the international students to work off-campus too. 

7. A Culturally Diverse Country

Canada has included in its national policy that the customs and traditions of people from all cultural backgrounds should be respected and preserved. The country has welcomed more than fifteen million immigrants. 

8. An Urban and Technologically Advanced Country

Canada is one of the leaders in the department of software development, telecommunications, urban transport, aerospace engineering, biotechnology, environmental industry and mining technology industries. 

9. A politically stable country.

It is a democratic country which has laws to safeguard the rights of its citizens. 

10. Multi-Linguistic Country

Canada has included two of its official languages English and French, as second languages. This step has helped the country in becoming a world leader in language training. International students are allowed to choose a language course before the beginning of their academic program.

11. Excellent Health Care

The Healthcare provided in the Canadian hospitals is one of the most advanced and most accessible in the world.

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