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10 Reasons to Study in New Zealand

  1. Ease in communication for International students as the English accent there is easy to understand.
  2. An appeasing environment is available to the students there along with lush greens and open outdoors, which gives enjoyable vibes.
  3. A Code of Practice needs to be signed by the institutions in order to permit them to enrol international students. The code came into effect in 2002. 
  4. A high standard of living of the people. 
  5. The mild summers, the cool winters and the sea in the surrounding create an impeccable climate to live in.
  6. Students are allowed to take part time work for upto 20 hours a week during the academic year and can work full time during their summer break.

The post-study work visa depends upon the length of the program.

  1. Globally recognised universities providing world-class education to their students.
  2. The education institutions here have a progressive education system with state-of-art facilities. 
  3. A multiple range of courses and financial aids offered in New Zealand. 
  4. The multicultural curriculum helps the students to have an international perspective about things and hence helps in attaining a balance between academics and welfare.

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